Free Download: Social media spreadsheet for keeping track of accounts

social media accounts spreadsheet
December 3, 2018 at 11:39 pm

Click here to download the spreadsheet package. (15 Kb)

Like it or not, social media is dominant in today’s internet market. If you’re creating a new website for a brand, company, project, or whatever, you will definitely want to create corresponding social media accounts and start automating the posts as you gradually create more content.

I’ve created a generic spreadsheet that I use when I create new projects that allows me to keep better track of the social media accounts which I’ve created. I’ve separated it by categories for different types of networks, but of course, you can customize it to suit your own needs. As I recommended above, it’s a good idea to get into social media automation so you don’t waste your entire day on social media in the land if distractions. I particularly like using HootSuite, but I’ve also included several other social media automation tools in the spreadsheet. I’ve been using HootSuite to automatically schedule social media posts for me so I don’t get distracted for hours on Instagram and other social media sites.

It takes a lot of time to create these social media accounts, so just do a little at a time and you’ll eventually finish creating them all. There are so many social media networks out there that I most definitely haven’t included them all in the spreadsheet, but these are the common networks that would be of benefit for you to create and use for your project. Sharing your new content on social media will also help boost your SEO in the long run, so it’s always a good idea to get started as soon as possible.

I’ve exported the spreadsheet to a .ods and .xls file, so you can open it in either Libre Office, Open Office, or Microsoft Excel.

Click here to download the spreadsheet package. (15 Kb)

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