• Firefox: the keyboard shortcut you need to be using regularly

    firefox history prepare for deletion


    Once you get to the “Clear All History prompt,” you can use the Tab key on your keyboard to traverse through each checkbox. Press the spacebar key to check or uncheck any of the boxes that you do or don’t want to clear.

    Check out how fast this cleaning process happens in my screen recorded clip below. You can see that my mouse cursor doesn’t move during the process and it only takes less than 5-10 seconds if you use the tab and space keys. Work smarter!

    This will help you from having to go to the mouse and click the checkboxes. You can even press tab all the way down to the “clear now” button and press space on the button once you’ve ticked all your appropriate boxes. In Firefox, you can do this history clearing process without touching the mouse at all, which is fantastic!

    There are similarly designed keyboard shortcuts that work in Brave, Chrome, and other browsers as well, so don’t think this is only a Firefox thing. This keyboard shortcut eliminates the need for a ‘clear my cache’ type of browser extension and it also eliminates multiple steps of clicking through the settings menu to find the clear history prompt. I’m not even going to list the steps for that because it’s pointless when we have this 1337 keyboard shortcut.

    I use this shortcut A LOT when developing websites on pesky cache-heavy servers such as WP Engine and it comes in handy! Sometimes you just don’t want your hands to leave the keyboard to accomplish a simple task.

    I’m hearing of a lot of people getting their banks and credit cards compromised lately. I have a strong feeling they aren’t thorough with their logins and whatnot. Noobs? 👀

    Stay on top of your cookie game. Don’t get cross-site tracked as easily. Don’t get cross-site hacked as easily. Install ad-blocking extensions and use this keyboard shortcut regularly. Spoof your referrer with uMatrix if U want.

    Before you go buy something with your banking information on a website, hit up this keyboard shortcut and clear everything out first, and THEN log in and begin your process. Utilize this keyboard shortcut AFTER you complete your purchase as well. Then close out your browser. Unfortunately, we have to be very careful when shopping online or your shit will get leaked. It happens to the best of us.

    Stay frosty out there.


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