• I added the “No-AI” icon in my website footer and you should too

    no-ai icon

    Check out the Free NO-AI content icon to see if it is right for your website. I think this is a great idea.

    Now I’ll just type a bunch of words you probably shouldn’t read. Have a great day!

    If your website is all human written content, you should add the No-AI icon to it and get this movement rolling faster. Adobe has already started their AI-generated icon initiative, which I think is a pretty solid idea to help be more transparent in this new era of bot-content. I also think it’s a great idea to utilize a “No-AI” icon if you are proud of being a human and still creating things.

    Some of us have day jobs and have probably come across encouragement of the use of AI products. I don’t use AI generated content on my personal websites in my own projects, but for clients and at work that is a different story. We’ve already seen the once-iconic Sports Illustrated basically commit content fraud by creating all AI-generated authors and content. Their brand is severely tarnished after that goof. Humans totally don’t care about fake bot created content. I certainly don’t give a rat’s ass about an article that was written by a bot. I want to learn from a human with decades of hands on experience that a bot could never obtain. You just want to use and exploit our tired eyes, so you can get more clicks and money with your fake bullshit content. Sounds like a get rich quick scheme to me. I’m already tired of the over-hyped AI being forced down our throats. Just take my job already, give me UBI, and/or drone me for no longer caring. Everyone has their blinders on anyway.

    The businesses all want better, cheaper, and faster results, and they want to use AI to increase profits on top of that. And everybody wants more mono-eye, I mean money. Remember that sellout guy from “They Live?” He is the current adopter of AI who is taking the easiest path of least resistance to comfort, AKA selling out, AKA money for nothing and tricks for free.

    “You can have a little bit of money too, all you gotta do is use a little bit of AI. Take your job from yourself. Just hand it over to a computer because your brain is just not needed anymore. Profits over people! Always and forever! To the corporation! Onward to multidimensional expansion! Money isn’t the nicest thing in life, it’s the only thing!” – Reptilian Shapeshifting Overlord Power Elite Emcee

    I have not been forced into using AI yet, but it seems to be coming for us all. It’s only a matter of time before the T-1,000 is chasing us down in the streets for not assimilating to the borg hivemind.

    I like writing my own content and draining the plethora of words from my brain. Getting all these ramblings out can be cathartic.

    I don’t really like the fact that the orating dead corpses known as corpse-orations want to eliminate me, the useless eater human version 1.0, and replace me with a passionless-soulless-robotoid-humanoid-hybrid-borg-assimilated-hivemind-mathematically-generated-drone, because a small group of less than 10,000 unfathomably rich money-printing blood-thirsty psychopaths want a utopian paradise free of useless chattel slaves so they can yacht around and enjoy robot servants, pleasure islands, human hunting camps, torture warehouses, murder rooms, etc. all to themselves with no legal ramifications whatsoever.

    “And they’re farming babies
    The slaves are all working”

    “Hunger Strike” – Temple Of The Dog

    We’re all too busy living check-to-check and watching the Sundee Naayte Fuutbaaw game to notice anything, I guess. Just keep using AI, what could go wrong?

    I’ll be too busy to care because this weekend I’ll be watching my team of overpaid felonious ball-players beat your team!

    Who cares about an AI takeover?

    LOL! Stupid conspiratard! 😂 💀

    See ya later, much!……… 👀

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