• Website Hack: Bitchute.com – How to download videos directly from the source code

    Learn how to quickly download and save a compressed mp4 video directly from Bitchute’s HTML source code in these easy steps:

    The browser way
    The terminal way

    How to download the .mp4 video from your web browser the common way
    1. Navigate to your video on Bitchute.com in your web browser of choice.
    2. Right click somewhere on the page background, or press the source key on your keyboard if it has one.
    3. Click on “View Page Source” or press “V” on your keyboard (in applicable browsers such as Firefox) to open the source code for that particular page.
    4. Press CTRL+F to open a “Find in page” prompt, or go to “Edit -> Find in page” in your browser’s main menu.
    5. Type “.mp4” into the “Find in page” prompt. Your browser should now find the first .mp4 video file ending. You might have to press enter a few times until you find the appropriate .mp4 link.
    6. Right click the .mp4 link and go to “Save Link As…”
    7. The file name is probably scrambled, so type a meaningful name and be sure to append “.mp4” to the end of the file name if your computer doesn’t do it automatically.

    How to download the .mp4 video from your Linux Mint Cinnamon terminal command line the 1337 way
    1. Press CTRL+ALT+T to open your terminal like a boss, or open your terminal the standard way through your OS interface.
    2. Change your directory to the default Videos directory before running the script.
    3. Run “bitchute-dl HTTPS://ABSOLUTE-URL.HERE”
    4. CD into your newly downloaded video’s folder.
    4. Open your video in VLC via command line: “vlc myVideosFileName.mp4”

    Tutorial created on WordPress 6.3.1 Full Site Editor with Firefox 117.0.1 (64-bit) on Linux Mint 21 Cinnamon.


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