• WordPress: How to refresh block theme fonts after updating theme.json

    Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

    I had such a frustrating time with this that I felt I needed to write a separate entry, so I don’t forget when I’m working on new themes.

    theme.json manage fonts icon
    This tiny little “Aa” font icon is the icon you need to click in order to get to the font management menu. Wow, that was HARD to find!

    After you update your typography and font families in your theme.json file, you need to go into the Site Editor Styles panel, click Typography, and then find the “Aa” icon to access the Font Manager modal popup window. Finally, on this screen you can remove any old fonts and activate your new fonts that you added from theme.json. As long as your JSON is error free, your new fonts should start working with this refresh technique. At least, mine did.

    I’m sticking with my custom web safe Arial font stack. Check out my other entry about configuring custom fonts in theme.json for WordPress block themes.


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