• My letter to the spammers at aggregator companies such as Zoominfo

    Image by ACWells from Pixabay

    Hello Zoominfo,

    One of my vehicles is in the shop getting repairs, so I’m waiting on a phone call from a potentially unknown number. Well, I’m right in the middle of responding to an important message from work, and suddenly I receive a phone call from an unknown number, so I answer it. Oh, it’s an unsolicited sales call, and I’m obviously annoyed. I’m sorry that you have to cold call for your job and have to deal with annoyed people, but that’s not my fault.

    I don’t appreciate your company, Zoominfo, aggregating and selling my information.

    One thing I hate in this clown whirled is unsolicited SPAM. We have enough in life against us already as far as distractions and interruptions are concerned, so what makes you think I want your spam annoyances? Do you like getting random sales cold calls in the middle of the day while you’re working? That’s a rhetorical question, because I know you don’t.

    I just got an unsolicited phone call from an unknown person trying to sell me training courses. Fortunately, the gentleman who spam called me was nice enough to tell me about your company, Zoominfo, and how I can attempt to “opt-out.” I set that link to nofollow by the way, because F you, Zoominfo. Yeah, I’m sure there are 4,594 other companies out there just like Zoominfo, but this is a start. If you ever get a spam call, ask them how they got your number and try to opt-out, and then block their number and report it as spam on your tracking device, I mean cell phone.

    If I want to learn something related to IT or my field, I’ll go read a blog, read a manual, read some documentation, read a book, or go find a video tutorial for free most of the time. Loser spam companies like Zoominfo have caused me to no longer answer my tracking device, I mean my cell phone, for unknown calls, and now I simply wait for a voicemail. If your voicemail is an unsolicited sales call, I block the number! Simple as! If your voicemail is relevant and I know you, I’ll call you back. The phone is staying on airplane mode from here on out. I reckon there’s a good reason why Christopher Nolan doesn’t have a phone. You ought to see my blocked phone numbers list! It’s a mile long! Stop spamming and provide something useful to the world, for Pete’s sake!

    Hey, Zoominfo, thanks for the annoyance and interruption in my work day! I don’t blame the dude who called me, because he’s just trying to make a piece of fiat currency like the rest of us, but I do blame Zoominfo and all the other companies for selling me out. You can’t trust anyone these days and it’s about time to get a new phone number… Again.

    Zoominfo and the rest get a “pollice verso” from me!

    Welcome to having a tracking device phone number in 2024! Now aggregate that data and sell it!

    James Alexander Swearengin


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